Peak Demand Reduction System

Reduce kVA demand while protecting your equipment from surges and spikes

The Peak Demand Reduction System provides power conditioning and protection from potentially damaging power line surges and spikes. Additionally, the system can reduce the electrical energy costs associated with the operation of inductive loads – motor driven equipment and appliances and magnetically ballasted lighting systems. 


System technology capabilities include

Protection from surges and spikes, including secondary lightning effects;

  • Power conditioning, dynamic power factor correction, RF noise reduction, and reduction of the total current content including harmonic current
  • Reduction of the electrical power drawn from the utility to operate inductive loads such  as air conditioning and ventilation systems, pumps, compressors, & magnetically ballasted   fluorescent & high pressure sodium lighting systems.

The benefits derived from the units include

  • Improved equipment reliability, including computer and electronic systems
  • Reduced life cycle maintenance, repair  and replacement costs
  • An average return on investment is from 6 to 36 months.

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