Design, installation, operation and maintenance of the HVAC lifecycle.

Our strategy takes a whole-of-life perspective in targeting HVAC efficiency improvement, encompassing the design, installation, operation and maintenance of the HVAC lifecycle.  We recognises that large efficiency gains can be achieved through the maintenance and operation of existing systems and by the addition of current technologies to non-current models.

It is estimated that the installed base of non-residential HVAC systems in Australia:

  • Consumes 9 per cent of electricity produced in Australia, representing more than 3.6 per cent of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Creates more than 55 per cent of electrical peak demand in commercial business district (CBD) buildings.
  • Consumes billions of litres of water per annum in cooling towers.

 The strategy is designed to:

  • Address older technologies that hinder efficiency.
  • Identify and promote highly efficient technical solutions and optimisation processes.
  • Create and foster an environment in which energy efficiency gains are quantifiable, sustainable and valued.


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