Davistown RSL Club


As General Manager of Davistown RSL Club, I’m always looking to reduce the site operational costs and subsequently engaged the services of BMC Energy Systems to install a 100kW solar system at the club. The company carried out a complete analysis of the club data, using this analysis as the tool to size and design the system. Various preliminary inspections were carried out to verify the integrity of the building and after this verification was complete, a project plan was presented to complete the project.

The installation was completed well inside the project plan timeframe and since commissioning the system has been producing excellent power levels.

BMC Energy Systems also arranged the finance package for the equipment and were able to provide an excellent rate for the project. Due to the finance package, the project was cashflow positive from the outset based on the savings generated.

BMC Energy Systems provided an excellent result for Davistown RSL Club and I would have no hesitation in recommending this professional organisation to any prospective customer.