Power Contract Management

Services have the specific aim to collectively reduce the total operational costs of a business. 
We can negotiate your next electricity or gas contract.

With power costs skyrocketing over the past few years, all companies are looking at better ways of procuring their power and gas supplies.
Our Systems allows us to
  • Aggressively negotiating your next electricity contract by tendering your requirements to ALL qualified suppliers.
  • Aggregation of load requirements of multiple customers to create economies of scale.
  • Constant monitoring of contract market allows us to select optimum time to approach market.
  • Dealing with portfolio managers allows us to remove account management commissions from contract rates and trailing commissions.
  • Employing a tender process that maximizes competitive tension.
  • Changing network tariffs/revising contract demand charges (if deemed appropriate after network audit) 
  • Ongoing support (priority 1300 customer help line)to reduce costs in dealing with suppliers.
  • Explaining various carbon pricing options available from suppliers and the risk associated with each of them.
  • Availability of award winning energy reporting software that improves, monitoring and management of energy budget.

Make a Step Towards a more Efficient Future!

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