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Off Grid Power Generation

Off Grid Power Generation


Many remote and island communities where power grids have not sufficiently developed, rely solely on diesel powered generators to provide electricity. Diesel generators are typically sized to meet peak demand, but will be running at a fraction of maximum output for most of the time. This low load power generation using diesel generators results in high electricity costs, air and noise pollution, loss in diesel fuel efficiency and increased operation and maintenance costs due to incomplete combustion of fuel during light loads

Grants and Subsidies

The Hybridgen is a cost-efficient alternative to conventional diesel generating systems. Its conceptualisation and design overcomes problems that conventional diesel power systems in the market experience such as the engine operating on low load affecting wet stacking, cylinder glazing of the engine, poor fuel efficiency, maintaining stable voltage and frequency under varying wind and solar inputs. The innovative technology developed improves the reliability, quality and efficiency of supply while also providing considerable diesel fuel savings resulting in greater efficiency and improved performance reliability.

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