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Monitor Power Contracts

Electricity procurement and operational costs can always be improved upon, however this is not possiblewithout owning the data and being able to apply smart analytics. NRG Insight was designed by one of Australia’s leading energy experts, for the purpose of filling a knowledge void left by retailers scaling back their account management.

Electricity is currently created, delivered and paid for in an antiquated and inefficient manner. As an example; companies are still signing 2-3 year supply agreements despite the fact that retailers charge significant premiums for agreements over 12 months. This strategy persists, because the cost of running a tender process have been prohibitive.

Companies that have adopted a smartly timed annual procurement policy in recent years, have reduced their contracted energy costs by around 10%. One of the features of NRG Insight is that it can automate the bulk of work for an industry leading procurement exercise to be a carried out in a few hours. This allows companies to secure low cost, one year supply contracts for minimal cost and effort.

You can start this preparation today by procuring and operating in a smarter manner. By taking control of your energy data with NRG Insight your options and timing for procurement are vastly increased. Additionally NRG Insight will optimize your operational energy costs and verify returns on energy efficiency and alternative generation.

Key benefits;

• ‘Go to market’ data

• Energy/Cost analysis

• Demand alerting

• Energy efficiency verification

• Network tariff optimisation

• Automated bill verification

• Budgeting / Forecasting

• Monthly accruals

• Smart meter ready

“We are delighted the savings that NRG Insight

has highlighted and would highly recommend the


David Browne – Financial Controller: Fitness First Australia

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