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LED Lighting

Off Grid Power Generation

We carry a large range of energy efficient LED lamps.


They range from down lights to flood lights to hi bays. We aim to offer lighting solutions to achieve the shortest possible return on investment, long product life and ongoing electricity reduction.

We offer a unique service by simplifying the transition to energy saving lighting from the initial inspection, product recommendation, supply, installation and assistance with your ESS carbon credit rebate requirements. All of our lighting comes with certifications that allow us to fulfil the requirements of the various NSW Government programs.

We are also able to offer a development capability for certain clients. We have been able to develop and access certain products to suit a client’s specific needs. All of the retrofitting projects that we are involved with fit within the requirements of the various government programs. We are able to return significant savings to the customer via these rebates.

We also offer the opportunity to use our "daylight harvesting techniques" which are capable of offering significantly higher savings that a simple retrofit.

Grants and Subsidies