Business Energy Efficiency

From commercial solar to pump upgrades to maintenance to lighting changes to systems appraisal and much, much more!

Efficiency gains cab be achieved through the deployment of innovative, integrated internal systems and to continuously seek new approaches to asset management. Industry accounts for 40% of world-wide energy consumption. This consumption is reflective of a number of factors including but not limited to mechanical, electrical and operational efficiency. There are numerous ways of improving these areas with many utilising the introduction of renewables, more efficient equipment, LED lighting, power and energy managements solutions and operational controls, all of which can add to the overall efficiency of the operation. 

All of the projects that we undertake, we strive to provide a solution that not only improves the bottom line, but also provides a reasonable RIO. 

Operationally, we provide a “different” set of eyes to improve work processes to better manage performance across operations, secure cost savings and efficiency gains through the deployment of innovative systems and continuously seek new approaches to asset management.

Mechanically, we assess all site equipment and suggest realistic changes that can add to the overall site efficiency. Many sites currently have older equipment that  has been, in some cases, very poorly maintained. Many of the motors, HVAC, fans, pumps and drives are inefficient and very expensive to operate. These areas all offer significant opportunities for efficiency improvements.

Efficiency is a process of assessing where we can realistically reduce the energy required to run the various pieces of equipment at the site. Adding LED lighting systems, variable speed drives, MEPS compliant motors, solar/wind and cogeneration systems all assist in reducing the efficiency of a site. 

Make a Step Towards a more Efficient Future!

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