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Autobarn Testimonial

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Off Grid Power Generation

“...I hereby confirm that at Autobarn Dubbo we have purchased and recently installed a 40kw Solar system onto our shop roof in Dubbo through BMC Energy Systems.

This week I received my first account for electricity since the installation and am delighted to say that my $8400 bill for 3

months up to May 2013(average 273kw/day at a cost of $103 per day) has been replaced by a $40 credit for 1.5 months ending 30th June (average 63kw at a cost of 26.31 per day).

Barry professionally and ran like clockwork, the result I was after was to

have a enough solar capacity to operate my shop, my first account shows clearly that this has been achieved, my

electricity account has been replaced by finance payments for the next 3 years, and then I will be in a building with no

power costs and much more carbon friendly!!! Neil Sturrock

Our company objective is to deliver a one stop shop solution to the commercial customer. This is achieved by the use of efficient energy solutions that allow the organisation to operate on a more efficient level.


We operate with new and evolving technologies that allow us to deliver cost savings across the organisation, all of which will have an impact on the bottom line of the business.

BMC Energy Systems have positioned itself in the energy market to respond to the growing demands of energy-efficient solutions for the business and industrial sectors. Our drive, supplying highly efficient and cost-competitive products, has placed BMC Energy at the forefront of efficient energy innovation. Our focus on providing quality products in the commercial and industrial sectors has enabled us to tailor solutions to meet the technical, monitoring and management needs of the renewable energy industry.

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We also provide energy supply as well as finance via corporate partners.